Quick Guide to KoolProjects

KoolProjects is the Kool and easy way to showcase your passions and share your projects with friends, family and the world!

You don' t need to be a techie to quickly and easily showcase your projects on KoolProjects - all you need is a project, computer and a camera to take photo's and you a ready to go!

Need quick access  - just click on the links below to be taken to the specific section in our KoolProjects Quick Guide

Ready to see how easy it is? Lets go!

Signing Up with KoolProjects

Simply click on the Sign Up link

Enter your account information

Check your email for an activation confirmation

Click on the link and setup a new password

Once you have created your password you will be taken to the KoolProjects Dashboard where you can create your 1st KoolProject

Creating your First KoolProjects

Click on the Create My 1st KoolProject Button from the Dashboard                                     

Fill in the details of your First KoolProject including things like which category the project belongs to, a summary of the project, cloud tags and privacy settings. Privacy settings allow you to indicate whether you want your project to be public or private (invitation only) – how Kool is that?

Choose whether you want to Save your KoolProject or Publish it right away. If you save it, your project will not be visible until you publish it.

Your KoolProjects Dashboard

Your KoolProjects dashboard gives you an overview of your KoolProject - its a quick and easy way to see how many KoolProject visitors have visited your project, the number of posts and photos you have created as well as which KoolProjects you are following and how many people are following your KoolProject.

The Dashboard icon allows you to navigate back to your   KoolProjects Dashboard whenever you are signed in

   KoolProjects Dashboard - Getting back to your KoolProject Dashboard

The exit icon allows you to logout of KoolProjects

Kool Project Dashboard - Logging out of KoolProjects

The Total Views tab tells you how many people have checked out your KoolProject page

KoolProjects Dashboard - How many Visitors have checked out your KoolProject

The Total Posts tab tells you how many KoolProject journal posts you have created for your KoolProject


KoolProjects Dashboard - Total KoolProject Journal Posts

The Total Images tab tells you how many combined Images and Video’s you have uploaded to your KoolProject

KoolProjects Dashboard -Total Images and Videos in your KoolProject

Total Followers tells you how many Followers are following your KoolProject

KoolProjects Dashboard - KoolProjects you are following

KoolProjects I am Following tells you how many people are following your KoolProject

KoolProjects Dashboard - Projects Your Are Following

Updating The Progress Of Your KoolProject

Updating the progress of your KoolProject is as simple as 1-2-3

Simply enter the details of your update such as:

·      Date

·      Which KoolProject you are updating

·      The actual KoolProject update details

·      Any images/video’s you want to update your KoolProject with

·      Hit “Add to My KoolProject” and you’re done!

Forgot what you wrote in your last update? No problems! Simply read the summary of your last update when you start your journal entry! You can see a list of your last few project updates without having to leave the journal page.

How Kool is that?

Once you’ve completed your update, you will be taken to your KoolProject to see how it looks.

Don’t forget to brag about your Koolproject to all your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instragram and Pintrest!

Simply provide your social media information when you create your Kool Project account and all your updates will automatically be shared!

Inviting and Managing Team Members

Once you have created your first KoolProject, allowing project members to enter project updates is simple!


Simply click on the Manage My KoolProjects Account Button

Invite your team members by clicking on the invite link for the specific KoolProject 

Enter the email addresses of the people you want to invite to update your KoolProject

An invitation will be sent to the users. Once they have created a username and password on KoolProjects - they can then login and create project updates for the specific KoolProject you invited them to.


They can see which KoolProjects they are members of in the

“Projects I’m A Member of section”

You can manage your team members access to specific KoolProjects in the Manage My KoolProjects section

Simply click on the Manage Members links for the specific KoolProject

From here you can choose to remove a member or send a password reset