Enabling KoolProjects users with the ability to update their projects from a mobile device

Vancouver, BC, Canada (January 28, 2017) – KoolProjects Media Inc., a growing social enterprise platform that provides project owners with a quick and easy solution to showcase and promote their projects, today announced the launch of its mobile responsive site.

“Our users have told us that they love KoolProjects and its website” states Michelle Mollineaux, CEO of KoolProjects, “but they also have told us that they use their mobile devices to take photos and video’s of their projects and want a quick and easy way to upload their updates to their KoolProjects Account.”

With the new mobile responsive site, KoolProjects users can now login to their account, upload their photos and video’s directly from their mobile device and even update their KoolProjects journal postings by utilizing the native voice dictation feature available on newer mobile and computer devices.

“The new responsive mobile site definitely makes updating my project on KoolProjects a lot easier and faster. I used to have to wait until I was done for the day before I could get back to my computer to download the pictures and videos of my projects but with the new mobile responsive site, I can do that from anywhere and anytime” states Lalita Hamill, Artist, Lalita Hamill Studios and project owner of “Story of Plato's Cave”. “It really can’t get any easier than this!”

About KoolProjects Media Inc.

Founded in Vancouver Canada, KoolProjects.com is a growing social enterprise platform that allows individuals and organizations to showcase their personal or organizational projects to the world. Users have a choice to keep their project private, public or by invitation only.

Visit Lalita Hamill’s Project:  http://www.koolprojects.com/project/story-platos-cave

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